Top Notch Games in Online Casinos

Most people play casinos online for entertainment and positive emotions. However, there are players who treat the activity as a career . And in this case gaming process matters a lot. Thus, it is important not only to choose the right establishment but also to find amusements with high payout ratio. According to professional gamblers, the most profitable games are slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

Blackjack Types

It uses the deck of 52 cards or several decks. The main idea is to get the highest number out of 21. There are a couple of platforms that provide their clients with the best options of this game. Among those, you’d better try out the most reputable Playtech that follows standard rules of arcade and offers quite high stakes and Microgaming that provides with the greatest range of its versions.

Top Online Casinos Games

Double Exposure

Here a croupier gets the first card and immediately shows it to the players that in fact, gives counterparts a lot of advantages and increase their chances of winning. In case a player has blackjack, the dealer loses. It is allowed to split cards only one time and the winning is paid at a ration of 1:1.

Atlantic City

It is the product of Microgaming and is played in the format of the real Atlantic City house. There are eight decks. The сards are mixed after each play. The split is possible for three times. And if the dealer has less than 17 points, then the stake may be doubled.


The amusement is held with a classic deck of cards that may be up from 6 to 8. One card is given to the treasurer open while the other – after other players receive theirs. One may double a bet only with a point from 9 to 11. There is also no chance to take Surrender or pass.

Roulette Faces

It uses a special wheel with red and black numbers, the ball and the manager who is responsible for maintenance of a fair process. So, an online casino player has to predict the number or the color of a particular cell and wait for the ball to get in one of those. A lot of famous manufacturers work on the development of exciting varieties of this entertainment. The interesting types everyone should experience are created by IGT, Microgaming, BetSoft and others.

Online Casinos Games


This version has 38 sections on the wheel (from 1 to 36, including “double zero”). And so, the bets lose in case of ordinal or double zero chance. The advantage of online establishment reaches here up to 5.26 % and so it is less suitable for the gamblers.


The special feature of this kind is the existence of 37 sectors (numbers 1 to 36 and zero). Due to the latter, the online establishment gets higher benefits. In the case of “0”, all bets immediately lose. This approach brings a certain percentage of casino winnings (2.7%) of the bets made on European roulette.


Like its European sister, it has 37 sections so the rules are quite similar as well. But in the case of zero falling and a client made a bet on it, the online establishment offers him or her a special compensation. Thus, it is the most preferred type among of roulette.


In the classical version the size of the bank is determined by the virtual betting house, and the number of participants depends on the total sum of made stakes. The winning probability here is quite high. Once you get registered at a casino operated on Microgaming platform you will be able to experience all the benefits of it. So don’t lose your chances!

Punto Banco

It is played in the same way as its classical version. The only difference is in the names of player and banker who are here Punto and Banco respectively.

Chemin De Fer

The main peculiarity of this variant which is quite widespread in France is the absence of casino in the game. And so the players themselves become bankers in turn and compete with each other. The online house is here represented in the role of supervisor to keep the rules followed and charges for every participant.

Online Slots

Games in Online Casinos

The gaming process of slot machines is quite evolving and does not require any specific skills. There is no strategy to be followed and all the symbols are generated in chaotic order. Among all the providers, Microgaming slots are defined by the high level of winning, great variety and in time payments as well as progressive jackpot that makes it especially attractive.